I decided to review some of the sites I have been on. Before I was Muslim I used internet dating sites and now after conversion I find them to be a great resource. Just keep an open mind, be careful and stay halaal!

I am coming at this from the view of a Muslimah, so keep that in mind.

Qiran: Lots of members! It’s easy to use and has a nice chat feature. Affordable.

Muslima: Like Qiran it has many members, it’s easy to use and if you have to pay it’s fairly affordable.

Salaamhearts: Great site! It’s kind of like Eharmony. There were a lot of younger single, never married brothers on there. Very low key so you probably won’t get a ton of interest right off the bat but it’s worth the time.

Singlemuslim: I did not really like this one. It seems shallow to me. I was only on there for a day though so I could be wrong.

Zawaj: I kinda miss the low rent free version that was up a couple of years ago! I would say it’s an average personal site and it will be what you make of it.

If you want to recommend a different site or share your experiences feel free!