I was in yahoo chat and was asked a question from another Muslim after they found out I was a convert.

how u convert and why
ahly: ?
Me: I converted a couple of years ago and because i feel that Islam is the truth fro me
ahly: can u explain why
ahly: ?i meant u was free
ahly: u could do any thing
ahly: but after islam that make u kinda not free 100%
ahly: right
ahly : ?

This has made me think a lot since that conversation. I see Islam as freedom in a way. A freedom I needed in my life that I never really had. I am way happier now than before. I did let a lot of things go but I feel I have something better for it. I feel free overall but I can see how someone might not see Islam that way.

I have lived a different life and am very glad I had the experiences I had, good and bad. I don’t think I would have become Muslim without it.