My husband and I have come to the decision that I would stay at home once we get settled. I will still probably work from home and take college courses for my own enjoyment but I would mainly be a housewife.

It’s a relief to me to be honest. I spent the last near 10 years being a single Mom who worked, tried to go to college and did it all herself and burned out and stayed burned out for a long time. I want to enjoy my kids without as much stress. I know it won’t be easy but in all honesty I have no desire to try to “do it all” anymore. It’s not worth it for me.

I do plan on doing me and having fun and purpose in life. We plan on working for ourselves and growing our own food. Maybe having a couple of more kids, inshallah. I want to create in any way I can.

I am glad I remarried my gives him a chance to make up for the lost years. The whole history here is complicated..let’s say. We met, had a hot mess of a dysfunctional relationship, had 3 kids (one stillborn, two living), I divorced him, he spent a good 8 years (not all at once) in jail, we both made our way to Islam and therapy separately, made our way slowly back to each other…sometimes reluctantly, realized that we love each other still and could be good together and finally remarried. Whew and alhumdulilah! It’s actually a little more dramatic but I will leave it as that. I also married someone else for a few months in there, after I became Muslim.

He knows where I have been and what I have been threw and he is supportive in where I am going. I can be me with him. I think I will call him my rehusband!