I am nearly five months pregnant now! Can you believe that? How time passes so fast!

I have had some good thing and some not so good things happen recently and I say alhumdulilah for all of them.

Like on the bad side: My family and I were followed around in a store recently. It was pretty blatant too. We could not help wondering if it was because we were Muslim, black or both! It really made me sad that it was another minority that did it. My husband called the manager to complain. I hope she did not get fired but maybe learned a lesson.

The good side: I am helping out a fellow Muslim convert start her own business. She is really an awesome lady and I have a chance to make some money and work somewhere that I can take my kids and/or baby to when I need to. If you need your hair braided in Kansas City, hijabs or discount clothes let me know! 😉