I decided to review some of the sites I have been on. Before I was Muslim I used internet dating sites and now after conversion I find them to be a great resource. Just keep an open mind, be careful and stay halaal!

I am coming at this from the view of a Muslimah, so keep that in mind.

Qiran: Lots of members! It’s easy to use and has a nice chat feature. Affordable.

Muslima: Like Qiran it has many members, it’s easy to use and if you have to pay it’s fairly affordable.

Salaamhearts: Great site! It’s kind of like Eharmony. There were a lot of younger single, never married brothers on there. Very low key so you probably won’t get a ton of interest right off the bat but it’s worth the time.

Singlemuslim: I did not really like this one. It seems shallow to me. I was only on there for a day though so I could be wrong.

Zawaj: I kinda miss the low rent free version that was up a couple of years ago! I would say it’s an average personal site and it will be what you make of it.

If you want to recommend a different site or share your experiences feel free!


Went to my first Jummah!

Being single kinda sucks but looking for someone sucks even more!

ETA: Yes, I did put myself on one (a few)  of those Muslim Marriage sites. Yes, I did regret it!

Sooo….I have ignored most of the South Park /Islam controversy but it keeps on coming up! As A Muslim, I am not cool with depicting ANY of the prophets in a disrespectful manner. It makes my uncomfortable and I usually remove myself for the situation, scroll or close the window when things of that nature pop up.

I think it is wrong to threaten someone’s life over it. Yes, we should take our faith seriously but don’t act like a freakin’ nut about it.  I was on a Muslim board earlier and it seems the people who did threaten the creators of South Park are not thought highly of by many.  I have never heard of them before now.

Before I was a full time hijabi I would see Muslims everywhere. Here, there and everywhere.  Now that I am rockin’ the hijab all the time I have seen nada!  or at least no visible ones anyway.

Sometimes it is hard for me to believe that I am religious.  If you would have came to me five years ago and say I would be a practiing Muslim I probably would have looked at you sadly and say “I don’t think so..”. I have been interested in Islam since I was sixteen.  I would say I have believed in Islam that whole time until I converted at twenty-seven after my (1st) divorce. I never thought I would be able to do it. That I would really be able to sacrifice for the sake of Allah (swt).

But I have and my life is so much better for it, alhumdulilah.  I only regret that I did not do it much sooner.

I have decided to put myself out there and start a decorating business soon. I have  a lot of organizing to do.  Inshallah, I can make it happen!

I am working on a decorating project and will be posting my progress on my Decorating Muslim blog.  Stay Tuned!

I am 29 years old and have been married and divorced twice but have never lived a married life.  My first marriage happened before I converted and lasted for years but we were never really together or happy.  The second only lasted months last year…chocked on a lack of communication, among other things.  We never were together either.

It’s kinda funny to say that I am divorced twice when I feel like I never was never really married.  Alhumdulilah, I have a supportive and strong family of I would not have made it though this single motherhood thing by myself.  Mashallah, my boys have given me so much joy.

I have thought of getting married again a lot lately but I’ll be honest and say it scares me, even though I long for it. I would love to have that kind of family life.


I have come full circle and am now a full time hijabi.  When I first converted I tried but in all honest I looked I hot mess and felt off about it.  I even had an hijab blog at one time but closed it because I did not feel right about having the blog  and not wearing full hijab.  Anyway, after that I became a scarf wearing Muslim woman until I felt comfortable enough to go all out and I had the clothes to back it up.

Still working on making it look good with my big ol’ hair!

Why I wear hijab?  Well, that is another post….